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Best World Class Coach Returns 9/24/14


Open House

“Dancing With Your Family” 09/21/2014


The Wedding Dance

Make the most of your first dance as a married couple

Social Dancing

Meet new friends while improving your dancing skills

Children / Juniors

Champions start dancing early in life...

Happy Dancing - Happy People!

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Wedding Classes

Wedding Classes

It’s your first dance as husband and wife. Make sure that you’re going to make the right impression: Maybe you’ve got a special song, or have something in mind? Just a few dancing lessons can make sure you’re not treading on each other’s feet…



Take your dancing to the next level with expert coaching. Whatever your level, the judges are always looking for the couple that have an extra edge : From the basic hold, to swing, to choreography. Learn from both regular coaching sessions, and coaches visiting from around the world.

Social Dancing

Social Dancing

Not only is social dancing an excellent way of making new friends, it’s also a way to get (and stay) fit! Our courses are split into various levels, from beginner to advanced, so that you’ll always be learning with a group that’s at your standard. Join us today!

Health and Fitness

Dancing has been shown to be excellent exercise : In addition to loosing weight, you’ll be toning all the right areas of your body. Who needs to look like a marathon runner? Isn’t it obvious that dancing your way to fitness is the right thing to do?

Master-Class Practice Sessions

Practicing your routines while other lessons are going on is time well spent. But going to the special Master-Class practice sessions means that you’ll be on a floor with other serious dancers, and getting advice in the context of the ‘bigger picture’.

Special Events

Every so often, usually in conjunction with some holiday or other, Ballroom Dance NJ organizes a special event. These incorporate all elements of our dance family : Lots of social dancing, some competitor show-cases, and one-off numbers that our students have worked on specially for you!


Sophisticated Ballroom Dance Instruction in NJ!