Master Class with Maxim Kozhevnikov

Master Class with Maxim Kozhevnikov

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IMG 3275 300x225 Master Class with Maxim KozhevnikovMaxim Kozhevnikov will be joining us at the Ballroom Dance of NJ Studio at Twin Maples on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

He will be working with some of our students to create new shows for our Summer Gala Showcase of July 11, 2015.

Maxim Kozhevnikov has indeed taken the U.S.and world ballroom dancing community by storm. Since coming to the U.S. he has done highly in every competition entered. Since 2002 he has had the distinguished title of Grand Finalist.

2 Times WDC World Professional Latin showdance Champion-200,2006

5 Times U.S.National Professional Latin Show Dance
Champion 2002-2007

Grand Professional Finalist at Blackpool,U.K. and International Championships 2005-2007

U.S. Representative for the world Super Stars Dance Festival,Japan 2006-2007

The beginning E2C7498 200x300 Master Class with Maxim Kozhevnikov

Maxim Kozhevnikov – the world famous dancer , professional in Latin American program of ballroom dancing.
He was born May 31, 1975 in Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia . His childhood right from birth cannot be called “happy”- he received a second group of disability and receive education in special boarding school for the visually impaired .

But the boy did not give up and starts making his life. Maxim had a talent for singing, and took part at numerous competitions with success.

He could make a career as a singer , but at 16 years old the boy went to a dance school of Helen and Alexander Savatin . Dancing captivated Maxim , and four years later he traveled to Moscow to continue training . Here are his teachers V.Nikovsky, L. Davydov, A.Polyakov and E. Polyakov .

1. Maxim Kozhevnikov and Elena Pashkova.
In December 5, 1998 Maxim started dance with Elena Pashkova. Their first debut was on the international open competition for the Latin program in Hradec (Czech Republic).

The second competition was the “Rhythms of Spring 1998 “ in Maxim’s native Nizhny Novgorod.
Primary residence for Maxim remains Moscow where he teaches dance rhythm.

2. Maxim Kozhevnikov and Arina Naumov.
In 2000 Maxim begins to dance with a new lady – Arina Naumov . Together they took prizes in competitions in Russia and Ukraine. However, the financial situation in Russia after the 1998 default remains very difficult , and Maxim decided to try his luck in the U.S. Arina refuses to leave Russia with him , and Maxim begins to search a new dance partner.

3. Maxim Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruichenko.
Maxim makes an offer to go to the United States Julia Zagoruichenko, He knew her from the competitions in Russia. Julia agrees, and they move to the United States.

Here, they first had life difficulties . They are forced to earn money, and after work train from 10pm to 1am.
Their persistence is not wasted , and the first success comes to pair in 2002 in Ohio in the tournament for the “rising stars “ in Latin program of ballroom dancing. They took part in more than 80 tournaments and won worldwide fame.

Last couple dancing together was on US OPEN 2007 . The reason of separation couple came from Maxim himself – he wanted to move away from a competitive career and make dance performances. Briefly , he returns to his first partner Elena Pashkova , but since 2008 starts dancing with Beata .

4. Maxim Kozhevnikov and Beata.

Between 2008 and 2009, Maxim has performed with Beata. On competitive dancing they do not protrude and are engaged exclusively in demonstration performances . A pair was very well on the «The World Super Stars Dance Festival» in Japan in 2009. Howeve forr Beata gradually her family life comes first place and Maxim leaves her.

5. Maxim Kozhevnikov and Anastasia Grigorieva.

IMG 6120 copy 300x224 Master Class with Maxim KozhevnikovAfter parting with Beata, Maxim became involved in coaching, refereeing and real estate projects. For a short time he comes in Nizhny Novgorod, and there met with Anastasia Grigorieva. Soon they decide to dance together and returned to the United States. Their debut was on “American Ball Stars”, where they won first place. In 2011 they performed at «WDC World South American Showdance» in Kazan (Russia), where they took second place. Maxim also still made demonstrations, and one of his famous show is “Avatar”.

In July 19, 2012 Maxim and Anastasia were married, and their wedding also became a big show.

Still to 2015 the pair continued their performances around the world.

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