General Questions:

  • How do I/we get started?
    Contact us! We would be happy to set up an appointment for you, your family, or your children. You can speak to one of our instructors regarding the programs we have available and help determine which classes are best suited for your needs.
  • Can we use a video camera during the lesson?
    Yes you can bring video cameras. We even suggest you do to help you memorize and see what was done during the class and even repeat at home.
  • What type of the clothes should I wear?
    We recommend that you wear clothes that you will be comfortable in and that will allow you to be able to dance in.
  • Do I need dance shoes for class?
    We would recommend that you wear a special dancing shoes with suede bottoms, if you don’t have a pair of dancing shoes, you may try flexible leather sole shoes at the beginning. We encourage you to carry your dancing shoes with you and change into them before the class, especially if it is raining or snowing. Wet, damp or dirty shoes are not allowed on the dance floor to prevent damage to the dance floor and special dance shoes. Sandals, boots, and sneakers are not advisable.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy for your company?
    For information please visit our official Policies Page.

Questions about Adults Programs:

  • What days and times are available for private classes?
    Let us know what your scheduling needs are, and we will set up a lesson for you at a convenient time. We offer both day and evening classes during the week and on weekends (depend on the Location). Contact Us for information regarding dates and times available and to make an appointment or please use Groupon Appointment System to get appointment online.
  • Do I need to have a partner?
    No, having a partner is not required. During private lessons your dance instructor will be your partner. In group lessons you will dance with other students.
  • Do I have to have any experience?
    No, we take students of all levels. We customize private classes to your personal needs. No matter how much or how little experience you have, we have a class for you.
  • How many lessons do I have to take to learn how to dance?
    Every student learns at his or her own pace. Once you feel comfortable with a dance, you can decide to move on to another dance or to continue to a higher level of the same dance. Your instructor will help you determine if you are ready. The pace at which a student learns also depends on the level of dedication and practice. With more practice, you will feel more comfortable with dancing and you will learn more.
  • How do I decide which lesson package to choose?
    There is no one best program for everyone. Please let us know what are you looking for, what your needs are and if you are preparing for a special event at a particular time. Depending on your situation, we will help you decide on the best package.  Trying our SPECIAL PRIVATE CLASS FOR NEWCOMERS first is a great way to get started; after the class one of our experienced dance instructors will be able to recommend for you one of our packages.
  • How long is each class?
    Almost all classes are 45 minutes long. The exceptions to this are the group classes which are 1 hour and 15 mins long which is 45 mins class and 30 minutes of practice session.
  • If I missed a class what options do I have?
    If you miss a private class we do not have any makeup classes. If you know in advance you will not make it to one or two group classes you may choose “PAY AS YOU GO” – pay before the class, so you can plan which group classes to go to.
  • Can I choose any dance to start with?
    You do have a choice to start with what ever dance you would like to lear on as far as private classes go; however, The instructor will suggest which dance will be easiest to get you started but the choice is always up to you.
  • Can we bring our children while we have private class?
    You can absolutely bring your children to class as long as they are not disruptive to the class and do not interrupt the private class since this is your time to learn.
  • What is the difference between Custom Group Classes and Group Classes?
    Custom Group Classes are for up to 5 people (friends, family members, or people who you know and they have similar interest on learning Ballroom Dance) and the date, time, and dance can be requested by you. In Group Classes the time, date, and dance is specified on the Calendar.
  • What is the difference between Private Classes and Group Classes?
    Private Classes are for up to 2 people and the full attention of the instruction is on you and your needs. The time, day and dance for Private Classes can be requested by the customer. Group Classes are usually setup on the calendar for specific dance, days and times.
  • What are the benefits to have Private Classes versus Group Classes?
    We are able to devote our full attention to your needs in Private Classes. In Group Classes we give the general idea, general steps, and explain how the dance works but we are unable to give feelings or personal instruction since it is impossible to give that attention to everyone.

Questions about Family Programs:

  • Can we have a class for our entire family (including our Children and Grandparents)?
    Yes, we’ve created a special program for this called “Family Social Dance” and we have two packages one for Parents & Children and the other for Grandparents, Parents, & Children. Its a great idea to join this class if your planning to have a family reunion, or birthday party, or some sort of big family gathering. You can come learn the dances together and spend quality time together.
  • Can we dance with our children during class?
    Yes you can dance with your children during class. We have a special package for this that is designed for Parents & Children so you can enjoy and spend time with your child. There is a short time in life that you be with your children and we’ve created this special package just for that.
  • What dance is it best to start with?
    This question is difficult to answer because everyone has different abilities and different interests but the easiest to pickup are the foxtrot or swing. Again it depends on the person since everyone is different.
  • Will we be the only ones on the dance floor during our class or we will share with somebody else?
    There can be other group classes or private classes on the floor during your class. We try to create enough space for each of the couples or people taking the class, so we will make sure you feel very comfortable.

Questions about Wedding Programs:

  • When it good time to start our classes to be ready for our wedding?
    Its difficult to answer this specifically but the earlier you start the more benefit you can receive from the class. Everyone learns at different speeds, everyone has different abilities, and some may have some previous experience so we suggest to come as early as you can and we will setup a program for you for when you come and how many lessons you’ll take.
  • Can we bring our favorite song/music?
    Yes please do bring your favorite song/music. For the wedding especially it is important to bring the song/music you love and we suggest you bring several songs since some music may be difficult to dance to and we can tell you which is the best to create an special dance for you wedding. If you don’t have it we will be happy to suggest something.
  • How many lessons do we have to take to learn how to dance?
    Everyone has different abilities and backgrounds. Our dance instructors will be happy to assist you and suggest a program for your specific needs. We have wedding couple dance that last 5, 10 and 15 classes so when you meet our dance instructors they will be able to provide more information.
  • Can we choose what type/kind of dance we would like to dance?
    Yes you can choose what ever dance you would like. We will also suggest from our experience what may be the best dance to learn for the occasion for example for formal weddings it is appropriate to dance foxtrot, or waltz, or roomba or slow dances. If its a funky wedding we can suggest a salsa, or swing, etc. So based on our experience we can suggest what is best for you.
  • Can you help us to choose music?
    Yes we would be very happy to assist you in this. We have a large library of the different kinds of music and can assist you in anyway.
  • Can we bring our parents for our Private Classes?
    Yes you can bring your parents they can be present. They cannot participate in the class since the Private Classes are created just for you. We do have a very nice program called “Wedding dance for the family and friends” which can be up to 5 dancers including parents, friends, or other family members. So the Private Wedding class is only for 2 people the Bride and Groom.
  • Can we invite our closed friends for our Private Classes?
    Close friends can be present for any private classes or but they will not be able to participate in your Private Class since we specifically created this type of class for you and your needs. If your interested in having friends or family join you in your classes we’ve created a special program called “Wedding Dance for the Family and Friends”
  • If we would like to have special steps or pose can you help us to put that together?
    We would be very happy to help you learn special steps for your music or if you’ve seen something in a movie like an attractive pose we will be very happy to show you the best way to do it and how to do it. We will be able to put together a nice beginning and ending to your dance specially created for you, your needs, and physical ability.
  • What is different between Private Group Class and Group Class?
    We have two different types of programs which are “Wedding Dancing for the Family and Friends” like fathers and mothers or friends up to 5 dancers with 4 Custom Group Classes that you can request the time and date best for you. We also have express Wedding Party Group dance classes that are once a week for 4 weeks but these have dates and times that are specific on the calendar.
  • What are benefits to have Private Classes verses Groups?
    The wedding dance is a specially thing usually with specific music so with the Private Classes you are able to learn what you need specific to your music. With the Group Classes you will be showed the most common dances to do for the wedding dance but it is just general dances with no special entrance or endings.

Questions about Children/Juniors Programs:

  • From what age is it best to start to dance?
    There is no best age to start. Every one is welcome to and is able to dance from 3 years old and 100 years old. Everyone has different goals, some want to learn one dance and some may want to compete in dance competitions, and everyone has different abilities and different interests. From 3 years old and up everyone is welcome.
  • Can parents be present during the class?
    Parents are welcome to be present during the class. From our experience we suggest not to be present because there will be less interruption and it will be easier for the child to pickup more information.
  • Is it necessary to have a partner for my daughter/son for Private or Group Class?
    It is not necessary to have a partner for your son/daughter. If your son/daughter do not have a partner they can dance with the dance instructor. They can also go to the pro am competition with their instructor or they are also welcome to prepare a show dance and do a show presentation on our showcases or special events. With group classes if you do not have a partner we will rotate the partners and your child will learn to lead and follow.
  • How long are children’s classes?
    Children Classes are 45 minutes long.
  • If my child is sick what do I have to do?
    You will need to give us a call within 24 hours to notify us of your cancelation in respect of your instructors time.
  • If we going to be away for some amount of time, can we get refund for our classes?
    For private classes if you plan to be away we can setup your classes around when you will be away. For Custom Group Classes we can schedule your classes week to week to work with your schedule.
  • If my child missed a class what kind options I will have?
    If you child misses a private class and you did not notify us within 24 hours before the class you will be charged for the class. If you miss a Group Class its up to you since you pay at the beginning of the class.