Get Started

General instruction for All Our Future Customers:

Welcome to Ballroom Dance of NJ. We are very excited to meet you on the dance floor! The following procedures will help you get started.

Your Groupon is valid for the “Newcomer’s Package” which includes the following:

1. Registration: We will ask to fill out the registration form at our place at 214 Springfield Ave., Summit, NJ 07901. In addition to your contact information, we are looking for some general information like dance experience, what kind of dance(s) you are interested to learn with us.

2. Send your request for Appointment  for Groupon Deals at Twin Maples Location for one 30 Private Lesson up to 2 people. Please book classes one week in advance.

3. You will receive all your purchased tickets at the first appointment. You can use your tickets for the group classes or social parties held by BDNJ. One ticket per person.

4. Please make your first appointment with BDNJ. Your future appointments can be booked by your request trough Our Website or simply call us 908-838-9939.

For more general information about Ballroom Dance of NJ, please visit our Website, especially our FAQ section. If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us by email: or call us: 908-838-9939.

Thank you for choosing BDNJ. Looking forward to sharing our dancing experience with you.