Wedding/Party Program

Get ready for your first dance as husband and wife on your special day!


We offer the following packages:

Wedding Couple Dance

 Wedding/Party Program

Customized dance choreography for your first dance as husband and wife. Individual One-on-One instruction by our teachers. Only 1 or 2 people per class, 45 min each class. Date and time by request. Watch Video from the Class…
Price : 5 Classes – $550

Price : 10 Classes – $1000

Price: 15 Classes – $1450


Wedding Dance for Family and Friends

 Wedding/Party Program

Prepare for the wedding dance, the father-daughter dance or mother-son dance. Custom Wedding Group Class – 4 classes (1 to 5 people). 45 min each class. Date and time by customer request. Additional Student for Each Class – $25
Price : 4 Custom Group Classes – $525

Price : Additional Student For Custom Group Classes – $25


Express Wedding/Party Group Class

 Wedding/Party Program

Get ready to get on the dance floor at your next party. Group class once a week for 4 weeks, time and date on the Calendar. 45 min each class. Minimum of 6 people per class is required.

Price : 4 Express Wedding Group Classes – $75